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Study Permits are refused often when individuals apply on their own, as a strong case was not made to convince the visa officer to approve the visa.

Why was I refused a Student Visa to Canada?

Citizens from visa-required countries must ensure a strong application is prepared in order to convince the visa officer they are a good candidate for a Student Visa. Visa-required countries have been flagged by Canadian Immigration, and citizens from these countries must go through a much more rigorous screening process than citizens from visa-exempt counties. Every Student, Worker, or Visitor from a visa-required country requires a TRV visa in their passport  (travel authorization) before they are allowed to board a plane and travel to Canada. When a candidate applies for a Student Visa, they will be automatically issued a TRV visa as well.

The Student Visa application process is a lengthy one. The application requires detailed personal and family information. In addition, many documents must be provided to strengthen and support the application. Unlike US visas that have an interview, Canada’s screening process is only done by a paper application with no interview.  It is extremely important to prepare a strong application as the visa officer will make a decision solely based on the information provided in the application; they will not request any additional information.

Many individuals do not understand the process and there is a high rate of refusal when an individual applies on their own. After receiving a refusal, the individual has been flagged and any subsequent application must be as strong as possible in order to have any chance of approval. 

Reasons for Refusal:

Other Reasons for Refusal that apply to all visitors to Canada