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F & R Global Immigration Services practices in all areas of Canadian immigration.  Our lawyers are experienced with handling complex and difficult cases such as previous temporary visa refusals, sponsorship appeals at the IAD, federal court, procedural fairness letters, inadmissibility due to medical, criminal or misrepresentation reasons.

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Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

The IAD hears cases on the following issues:

In order for the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) to review your decision, you must obtain leave after they have reviewed your documents.  During this stage of the process, you must demonstrate to the IAD that an error was made or that the decision was in some way unfair or unreasonable.  Once leave has been established, you and your immigration lawyer can attend a hearing before the IAD to further explain your reasons for appealing.

Sponsorship Appeals

The Appeal will be approved or dismissed:

Residency Obligation Appeals

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